hey y'all

I am passionate about using my camera to tell the stories behind your conscious brands. There is so much good being done in the world. Together, we can capitalize on the things you are doing through thoughtful imagery that speaks to your target market.

I'm Faith Elizabeth

My story began when I was just a kid... 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a camera in my hand.  As I grew up, I became obsessed with documenting my every day. It quickly became a huge part of my life and gave me a fun way to express my creativity. 

little faith


By the time I hit high school, I had been around the world and experienced first hand the impact I could have. I photographed everything, in hopes to share the amazing things I was learning with as many people as possible.

then i did something big.

I graduated high school a year early to travel and learn all the things I felt school could never teach me. I spent months moving around the globe, capturing new cultures, communities, beautiful places and growing so much myself. 

That was when it all changed for me.

It was during this time that I found my “why.” I fell in love with the people I met and the things I was learning and realized that I could do so much good with my camera. 

I have devoted my time to helping others showcase the good they are doing - whether that be a brand using sustainable practices, someone working to make clean water more accessible, or a company committed to being non-toxic, etc.

my husband,

my other "why"(:

Since then,

all about


big dogs
comfy swimwear
worship music 
kind people
southern charm
early morning sun

not about


bad lighting
bandaid fixes
sandy showers
winding car rides
water with no ice